“In regards to the narrative of the album, I don’t think that it was Kendrick’s brother who got shot.

This is the layout of the story in order of tracks with hints, at least this is what I picked up:

1. Kendrick is about to meet up with this girl called Sherane. He takes his mother’s van to meet her and he bumps into two guys. If this was a movie it would cut.

2. You then realize track 1 was a flash-forward, and this is the actual first track. At the end of this track, Kendrick’s homies pick him up.

3. Self explanatory, he does a freestyle in the backseat whilst they’re driving.

4. Once again, fairly self explanatory, they cruise around, smoking blunts, drinking and rob someone’s house and almost get caught

5. They then talk about meeting up later at 10.30, cause Kendrick has to go meet up with the girl Sherane and fuck her. This is somewhat a “filler” song for the album, and just gives a bit more insight about how they’re all chasing money.

6. This is where we meet with track 1, Kendrick take’s his mother’s van and borrows it and meets up. Kendrick talks about bad bitches in this, and Sherane is definitely one of them. At the end of THIS song, we hear the same melody we heard in track 1 and it flashbacks in to the two guys asking where the fuck Kendrick is from.

7. They beat the fuck out of Kendrick and in this song he even says “they will never respect the good kid maad city”. 

8. Kendrick is mad as fuck for being beat up, once again another “filler” track but at the end of this track, he meets up with his homies and they’re helping him recover and give him some liquor drink since he’s just been beaten the fuck up.

9. Talks about the liquor abuse, following on from track 8 and then at the end of this song, they see the guys that fucked up Kendrick and shoot at them. They shoot back and kill one of the homie’s brother. (NOT kendrick’s brother)

10. Flash forward to present day and it’s no longer in the story. The first two verses are from the perspective of the friend (the one who’s brother died) and how he feels about the whole situation. It’s revealed that he wasn’t happy with Section 80’s Keyshia’s Song since that was actually based on his sister. He talks further about it and says that his story isn’t going to change shit on the streets. Throughout the whole song the chorus is “promise that you will sing about me”. Towards the end of the verse (from the perspective of the friend) he says that he’ll never fade away, and it is somewhat true, the memory will never fade away, but the friend actually passed away, HENCE why Kendrick didn’t have him do the verse himself. From here we can see that Kendrick feels complete guilt for the death of his friend’s brother and it seems that when he did a song about his friend’s sister (keyshia) it didn’t help the situation. However, he still was friends with Kendrick and asked Kendrick to promise to tell the story of his brother.

11. We cut back to the story and the boys wanna go and kill the guys that shot Kendrick’s friend’s brother, they are confronted by a lady of the church who convinces them. Kendrick then receives a phone call from his mother about him taking it seriously and going to the studio since he got a phone call about it.

12. I assume this is an epilogue of Kendrick and how he progressed and made it out of Compton to get studio time with Dr. Dre.”

- /mu/

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    Money Tree isn’t a filler? It’s the best track on the album maneee
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    He says In m.A.A.d City that they shot his cousin and Fuck a Truce. he’s going out for revenge.
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